Opening of the Stay Management website


Stay Property is improving its system every day.

This time we are delighting the residents of our residential complexes with the opening of the professional property management website Stay Management, on the pages of which residents will be able to receive all the necessary information and reporting related to their residential complexes in just one click. The site will include sections such as:

Full reporting on the expenses of the aidat (monthly fee for the management of the complex). What equipment was purchased, how much money was spent on repair services (if needed), cleaning the territory, cleaning pools, mowing lawns, maintaining internal infrastructure and any other necessary little things that you may need for your comfortable life in one of our residential complexes.
Expenses for paying monthly bills: water and electricity, which are among the general use. All receipts will also be freely available to residents.
Also, tenants who have transferred their apartments to us for management for rent will be able to find full reports on the website: when and for what period of time the tenants moved in; what income the owner received; how much was spent on paying utility bills (if necessary).
On the pages of the site, an online chat is available with our special manager to discuss any issues that may interest you.

We are always glad to any of your ideas and want you to be always informed about any expenses and incomes regarding residential complex and stay in touch with us. The Stay Property company does everything possible to make your life in our residential complexes even more comfortable.